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Great Research Paper Ideas

Although you probably don’t appreciate it, some of your professors in college will require a research project in their subject - whether it is a major subject or a minor one.  It may frustrate and disappoint you, since research papers take up much time, but there is a lot to learn if you embrace the process.

How to choose

Depending on the subject, you might be given a shortlist of topics to choose from or you might be allowed to select anything of interest within the subject.  But while the latter might seem “ideal” to many, it can be a burden if you are unsure of what to pick, especially if it is not your favorite subject. In such situations a cheap research paper writing service can come in handy. Just visit their service and let them do the paper for you.

However, when given a choice, always pick something that you would like to know more about. If need be, creatively tweak your question so that you will like the topic more.  For example, even if your subject is about history, there may be ways to connect comic books to it.

Some choices to ponder upon

In an attempt to help confused students who don’t know where to start, the following are some research topics that may be of interest.

Topics for Health and Psychology

-Among the different vegetarian diets, which is the healthiest?

-How big of a problem is obesity in First World countries?

-What are corporations doing to protect customers from allergens in their products?

-Is classical music the best kind of music for a baby’s development in the womb?

Topics for Education

-Are there major differences in quality between graduates from universities in the First World and Third World countries?

-How are schools today helping students from lower-income households?

-Is it fair for companies to require higher education for promotion to management positions?

-What are the latest technologies that will revolutionize education in the near future?

Topics for General Science

-Are zoos helping or hurting endangered species?

-What practices in the fishing industry have been affecting fish migration patterns?

-How seriously are governments dealing with global warming?

-What steps are being taken to reduce pollution in major river systems?

Topics for Religion and Culture

-Are young people today embracing or running away from religion?

-Should religion be allowed to influence government?

-Are closed borders helping or hurting a country’s culture?

-Does research into tribal life positively or negatively affect tribal culture?

Topics for Language and Literature

-Are Shakespeare and Mark Twain still relevant in the 21st century?

-Should Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight become required readings in high school?

-Should English-speaking countries institute a second language?

-What steps are being taken to save minority languages?


The research paper process does not have to be boring.  There are many options out there if you just take the time to search and think about how to adjust the questions to your liking.  Again, the more enthusiastic you are about your topic (even if you don’t exactly like the course itself), the better your paper will be. Happy researching!

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