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Art Research Paper Topics

The discipline of art is a broad one. This field of study gives students a significant number of topics that can be analyzed and discussed in research papers. Yet, many students with a passion for art find it difficult to conclude on a topic to be addressed and can't get my paper done without expert help.

Unlike science-based research papers that deal with numbers and figures, art is a discipline that discusses issues based on emotion and personal opinion. It makes research in art somehow tricky, but you can still find numerous materials and data which can be helpful in your research paper.

An essential step to writing an excellent research paper is picking the right topic. The topic may be from history, religion, painting, music, and other issues. However, before selecting a topic, make sure to have an outline of how your final paper should look like.

Guide on Selecting a Good Art Research Paper Topic

Picking a research topic in the field of art can be challenging. You can follow these steps to help you choose a research paper topic.  

1) Brainstorm for ideas

Write down the topics that interest you. It might be about a place, subject, things, activities, social or public matters, and so on. You should also think of topics that are unusual, challenging, witty, inspiring, and passionate. This kind of issues attract emotional response from the readers and even bring out the uniqueness in your research paper.

2) Evaluate your ideas

Go through the topics you have written down. Remove those that are redundant, lacking in substance, insincere, or exaggerated. Cut out topics that don't have enough materials or data, and do not go for topics that have been overdone by other writers. A research paper will lose its appealing power if it has been read too many times. Be sure that the topic is one that you are interested in. You should be able to sustain your interest in the topic for a long while.

3) Research and read more

From the evaluation you have done, use the keywords to research using library catalogs, essay databases, or internet search engines. It will help you in picking your final topic. Remember that any topic you finally choose should be flexible and appealing.

Examples of excellent art research paper topics

1) The Analysis of Major Musical Compositions Used in the Shakespearean Tragedies

2) The Effects of Art and Painting on The Development of Old Civilizations

3) Kiss Of Augustine Rodin: Is The Debate About It Warranted?

4) Nude Paintings: Can They Be Considered As Offensive?

5) Cartoons as the Satirical Depiction of the Modern Society

6) The Elucidation Of Viewers Versus The Notion Of An Artist: Do These Two Concur?

8) Role of troubadours in the advancements of European culture

9) Technologies that define and influence art in the 21st century

10) Reasons for the usage of Christian themes and symbols in renaissance paintings.


Writing an excellent art research paper requires that you put in a lot of effort. But, you stand at risk of losing marks and audience if you do not pick the right topic. You can also seek the help of your instructor to help you in choosing the right topic for your research paper.

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