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Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Anthropology, psychology, mythology, and sociology are some courses that interest students. For all the courses, there is one similarity-research paper. Instructors have students submit papers and essays to complete these courses. 

For psychology students, it might be walk in the park since the field keeps evolving. The story, unfortunately, is the opposite for mythology students as the field has not changed over the years. For students of anthropology and sociology, there are lots of options due to varieties of subtopics. 

You can decide to choose from subtopics like linguistics, biological, cultural, and sociocultural theories, methods, as well as current affairs. The following are topics students would find interesting in studying the present, past, and future of humans. 

  1. History and causes of racism 
  2. Classification systems and its effects in modern society
  3. The relationship between anthropology and Political systems 
  4. What are Closed Societies? 
  5. The art of storytelling as it affects culture 
  6. Gangs and fraternities in the Modern Society: the role of the Family
  7. Genetics and genetic engineering in the evolving world 
  8. Birth of twins and its Cultural Implications throughout history 
  9. The history of human evolution 
  10. Mythology in the 21st-century society
  11. How has Literature evolved and developed modern society?
  12. Existence of magic and the belief of the supernatural
  13. History and prospects of feminism in society
  14. History of terrorism and its relationship with culture 
  15. Cross-cultural conflicts and their effects
  16. The role of Social media in the 21st-century society
  17. Teaching and education around the world 
  18. Culture and traditional systems of healing, wellness and wellbeing from across the world
  19. IQ Vs. EQ which is more relevant in the 21st-century world
  20. Artificial intelligence: History, Prospects, and concerns 
  21. Anthropology and contemporary art
  22. Growth and Development: How do they differ? 
  23. Anthropology and the study of Forensics
  24. Cultural festivals, dance, music, rituals from around the world 
  25. Taboos and its impacts in history 
  26. Impacts of Migration on the world systems 
  27. Death rituals and their procedures from around the world 
  28. Exploring the different definitions of culture     
  29. Heroes in the modern-day society 
  30. Anthropology in Native cultures 

The student should pick one from where his or her interest lies to select the best topic. In doing so, you would find the work very easy to do as all your readings would be fascinating. 

You can try to make your write up a little bit of the opposite of what you initially expected to spice things up. By pushing yourself a little bit more, you would learn new things and prove difficult subjects that would seem impossible for others. Depending on how you approach your topic, anthropology research papers are generally fun to write. 


Sometimes, it is not out of place that you might run out of ideas. In such situations, you can reach out to our friends and instructors to get advice on what to do. To get original, up-to-date information, you need to consider reading the newspaper to have an idea of the current happenings around the world. Finally, keep an open mind and be optimistic.   

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